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24 Dec

5 Great Tricks for Better Sex! Number 4 is The Best!

If you have an active sex life, you’re in a long-term relationship and feel as though some of your sexual spark is gone, or if you’re looking to liven up your sexual encounters, it can sometimes be easy to get discouraged thinking you either have to settle for standard ‘missionary’ positions, creams and lubes and toys that have been on the market for years, or some kind of cliche or stereotypical act that everyone plays in order to get in the mood. While tried and true, sometimes all of these things can just seem mundane, and even boring. The good news is that there are answers out there, and amazing solutions for better sex (be sure to especially check out number 4 below, we can’t get enough of it!). Have a look at these great tricks, and try them for yourself to put the spark back in your sex life.


1. A Very Good Morning

Recent studies have found that couples who engage in early-morning sex have better sex lives overall. Not only can it improve sperm quality and fertility, but it is a great way to get your thoughts revving all day about your morning encounter, and will make it that much more enticing to want more. To add more fuel to the fire, try sending somewhat risque messages to your sexual partner throughout the day. A text message or e-mail reminiscing about your morning ‘adventure’ and what you’d like to do that night can sometimes be enough to make an average day into a sexually-charged one.

2. Try Something Different

This could easily go hand in hand with having sex in the morning, but if you find yourself in a routine, either with your long-term sexual partner or even in your own personal sexual encounters, changing an aspect of how you do things can really have an impact. Try a different location, for starters. Or, you may have luck (and more fun than you might imagine) by trying different role-playing scenarios, or dressing up. Even just changing your location or time of day can make a difference. If you’re able to get out of your own head for awhile and try something new, sex itself can feel just as new, and exciting again, as though you’re with your partner for the first time, every time you’re willing to try something different with each other. While it’s important to make sure both of you are on the same page with what you’re willing to try, if you are both open to the idea, don’t be afraid to be bold and adventurous!

3. Pillow Talk

Unfortunately, many couples who find themselves in the heat of passion forget how to use their words entirely. While this can be understandable, and no one expects to have lengthy conversations in the middle of sex, it is important to communicate, and can make a huge difference in your overall experience. Women especially can have a hard time vocalizing what it is they want, or what feels good and what might not feel so good. Telling your partner what you want and opening up that line of communication can really add a sense of comfort into your sex life, and bring back a spark that was missing somewhere in the silence. A recent study found that couples who did communicate during sex were overall more satisfied with their sex lives than couples who remained mostly silent during intercourse. Don’t be afraid to vocalize what you want – it can only make sex better for you, and your partner will surely enjoy making sure you’re as satisfied as you can possibly be.


4. Spanish Fly Pro

There are plenty of products on the market today that boast they can increase arousal and libido, but none are quite like Spanish Fly Pro. In place of pills or creams that can sometimes have scary and even dangerous side effects, Spanish Fly Pro comes in a liquid form. You simply squeeze a few drops into your drink, and in just minutes this product offers an increase of up to 300% in your sex drive. In their studies, they have discovered absolutely no negative side effects, as it is an all-natural product. Many women using it have been able to experience orgasms for the first time, and many of them also experience multiple orgasms. It works for everyone from young couples, committed married couples, single parents, to those entering the dating scene, and everyone in between. If low libido is your reason for a less-than-exciting sex life, Spanish Fly Pro is the best, safest, and quickest solution.

5. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

The old saying actually rings true. A recent study in 2013 found that spending just one night a month away from your partner can ultimately lead to better sex. Couples who live independent lives tend to have better sex lives to begin with, but if you find yourself in a rut, try spending a night apart once in awhile, doing your own thing and living completely separately from your partner and what they might be doing. This study also found that by nurturing your own interests and desires instead of constantly liking the same things as a couple can make you seem more appealing and attractive to your partner.

Whether you want to mix things up in the bedroom by trying some role playing techniques, or boost your sex drive with Spanish Fly Pro, these tricks and tips for better sex will put the boost back into your sex life that you need, and you’ll be having the best, most enjoyable sex of your life. Give them a try and see how well they can work for you immediately!


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