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14 Apr

How Spanish Fly works and How it Impacts Your Sex Life

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The truth is, Spanish Fly did not actually come from Spain, and it isn’t Spanish at all. It’s a kind of beetle that eats tree leaves. They are found in southern Europe and in Central Asia as well as Siberia. Spanish Flies eat the leaves of willow trees and lilacs. These insects create a discharge of an odourless substance called cantharidin. A small drop of cantharidin, when placed on your skin can cause instant blisters and that is why the real Spanish fly is also known as the blister beetle. The original Spanish Fly is made from powdered beetle which has the cantharidin irritating chemical.


Spanish Fly is perhaps the most popular aphrodisiac in the history of man but it can be very harmful. In large doses, it can cause a lot of adverse side effects such as extreme pain, damage to the stomach and kidney, severe headaches, blisters on the skin, and even death.  The sexual pleasure that you can derive from Spanish Fly may not be worth the long-term effects. There is an ultra-safe herbal supplements that have the same aphrodisiac properties as Spanish Fly and it is being marketed as the Spanish Fly Pro!

A safe libido enhancer

Spanish Fly Pro is great news for women who love having sex with their partner because it adds spice and excitement to the activity. And, Spanish fly Pro does not have any adverse side effects which makes it the best alternative to the original but harmful Spanish Fly. Spanish Fly Pro can help a woman with low libido become more active and aroused in bed in a very short period of time. In fact, with just a few drops of Spanish Fly Pro, a woman can get aroused in less than 5 minutes. There is no other sex enhancer in the market that can actually achieve this.


Impeccable pleasures

Spanish Fly Pro is known for improved sexual sensation and multiple fast orgasms which surprised a lot of users. The supplement can also provide intense clitoral stimulation.

Why You Should Buy The Product

Spanish Fly Pro can really add zing to your dull sex life. There are times when sexual attraction is not enough excite people into a pleasurable sexual encounter. Spanish Fly Pro provides that extra kick that you need to get aroused and sexually satisfied. Spanish Fly Pro provides the same effects as Spanish Fly but guarantees faster response and freedom from side effects.

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