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17 Apr

The Real Truth about Spanish Fly

In the past, historical records show that the Spanish Fly was initially used as an anesthetic for men on their honeymoon. It was originally in the form of a balm that was applied to the male genitals to make it feel numb long enough so that the groom would be able to perform longer in bed. It was used to help the man impress his new wife. However, it was never meant to be drank or ingested in any way. When the Spanish Fly was developed into pills, they still provided the same sexual longevity and arousal but with bad consequences. The ordinary Spanish Fly is already banned in the US and many other countries because of its adverse effects to the human body including crotch irritation and even kidney damage if the substance is abused.


This aphrodisiac has an active ingredient known as cantharidin. It is a substance discharged by a certain type of beetle that acts as a blistering agent and harsh irritant. The substance is so strong that if you put even the smallest amount of cantharidin on your skin, you’d immediately suffer from blisters. Hence, Spanish Fly is something that you should actually drink.  And this is why Spanish Ply Pro was made, to create the exciting effects of Spanish Fly minus the adverse results!

Advantages of Spanish Fly Pro

For some women, being sexually aroused is a difficult process. This is where Spanish Fly Pro comes in, eliminating sexual arousal problems. The product can sexually excite a woman within five minutes after it has been consumed. There is nothing in the market that can match the efficacy of the Spanish Fly Pro when it comes to arousing a woman’s sexual appetite. And because the Spanish Fly Pro is 100% natural, women of any age can use it without worrying about any potential danger to their health. Whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s, you can use Spanish Fly Pro to add spice to your sexual activity.


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